Presenting Science, 

Circus Style!

This innovative and entertaining educational offering uses the magical world of circus to teach concepts like Forces and Motion, Simple Machines, Matter, Air Power, Chemical Reactions and more. Audiences of all ages alternate between laughter and amazement as science and circus combine.

The Circus Science Spectacular originated through a unique partnership with professional educators. Steve Russell and Kobi Shaw worked side-by-side with teachers in classroom settings, incorporating circus arts in the teaching of core curriculum concepts. All of the content is researched, tried, and true, supporting actual concepts of science!

Trained by Ringling Brothers Circus, Steve and Kobi’s performing skills in comedy, juggling, magic and balancing bring the dimensions of novelty, surprise, and fun to the mix.

So, step right up! The Circus Science Spectacular is your ticket to science fun.

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The Circus Science Spectacular Study Guide!

Want to dig a little deeper into the fun and the lessons of The Circus Science Spectacular? We have a Study Guide! 

You'll read more about the origins of circus (and how science helped). There are games to play and activities to explore. 

Download the Study Guide by clicking HERE

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