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"Laugh-a-minute, action-packed, enriching -- what every kid loves. Highest-grossing family show of the year -- what every presenter loves! We invited them back as soon as the curtain fell. It was SPECTACULAR."

La Mirada Theater for the Arts

La Mirada, CA

In October of 2020, The Circus Science Spectacular did a live streamed performance from the Reif Center for the Arts in Grand Rapids, MN. With an invited audience of approximately 50, and a virtual audience of more than 3,000, The Circus Science Spectacular sold the most tickets of ANY educational show the Reif Center has ever had.

"The In Capable Hands Comedy/Science Show was a hit for our kid-focused event, with hundreds of families in attendance. They know how to grab a kid's attention and hold them through a show with a whole grab bag of theatrics and circus tricks, but layering in all sorts of fun-but-scientific surprises for both the kids and the adults. Plus they get the kids right on stage with them! We’ll be having them back! "

-Nick Meyer, Volume One

Producer, The Great Big Hulabaloo

"Steve and Kobi never disappoint! Their science show is not only educational but highly entertaining and engaging as well. Kids are laughing throughout the program all while learning a variety of science terminology and concepts. Audience participation is welcome from both kids and adults. We can't wait to have them back for a future performance."

Regina Arndt - Altoona Public Library

"The Circus Science Spectacular is wonderful mix of science and comedy that draws the audience in through humor and scientific explanation and then proves the theories with fun demonstrations of the laws of matter. What sets this show apart from other programs is that Kobi and Steve take the time to explain how the science of the experiments they perform work in a language that kids understand and comprehend. Our audience was left wanting to explore more about the world of around them when they left the show because Steve and Kobi made Science fun!"

Cindy Koller ~Park Falls Public Library

In October of 2021, The Circus Science Spectacular was selected to perform at Lambeau Field, for the Green Bay Packers' "Spooktacular". They are returning to perform in the 2022 celebration.

"Steve & Kobi and were great to work with. I’d definitely work with them in the future."

Amanda Wery - Green Bay Packers, Spooktacular

"They dazzled our captivated audience with an awesome science show filled with spectacular experiments and wonder. They even got Mr. Hovde to fly across the gym! Hats off to this entertaining duo."

Colfax WI School District

“The Circus Science Spectacular was so engaging for the kids at the Duluth Public Library! We love having programs where the kids have fun and also learn about science too. Fun, Entertaining, and STEM learning all rolled into one!”

Heidi Harrison - Duluth MN Public Library

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